English Picnic on Sundays

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English Picnic on Sundays

The summer is here guys -
it's time to be in nature!

I'm inviting you
on this Sunday, June 16th
for a walk along Irtysh and a picnic on the Green Island while chatting in English with each other.

This is the plan:
we'll meet at 2pm at the Tobolsk Gate and walk along Irtysh to the Green Island - where we'll find a nice place to sit, chat, eat, drink and sunbathe.
Should you be late,
you can also just join us on the Green Island - I will share the exact location here.

Feel free to invite your friends who don't mind speaking English and any foreigner you might come across in Omsk! Also, don't forget a blanket, some food and, of course, games if you have any 😉

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